The Playbook

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Connect, Transform, Serve

These three words are our "how". They are our guiding principles when it comes to deciding the best ways we can think of to help more and more people come to know Jesus. And we'd love for you to join us in that endeavor.

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Grace Church seeks to connect with others, build relationships, and introduce people to a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. Here's an example of just one of the plays we're using to try and do this well:

    We're repurposing our church's office phones for an occasional "3P Phone Bank."  We divvy up a list of names & numbers and equip individuals to connect with those we haven't connected with in awhile - just to let them know they are loved.

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Grace Church knows that only Jesus transforms lives. We also know that one of the most profound ways Jesus is experienced is through relationships and community. So we encourage the building of deeper relationships amongst those who are already a part of our church community while also striving to connect to people who are not yet a part of Grace Church. We do this by running a couple of two-point conversion plays like these:

    We challenge our people to establish a daily time with God and equip them with a simple, five-day devotional. It's a two-point process of scripture and prayer. We are transformed by God's grace by giving time to a relationship with Him.
    We also believe small groups are crucial at Grace Church. We love seeing people transformed through a two-point process of intentionality and accountability. We intentionally set aside time to gather with other people and we hold each other accountable for living Christ-like, godly lives.

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Jesus told His followers to serve others in His name. Grace Church offers ministries and service opportunities that answer human needs with God's transforming grace. The best service we can offer anyone is to introduce them to Jesus and, then, to live for Jesus in the presence of others. Here, again, is a sample of some of our current approach to doing just that:

    We offer people the chance to try a ministry on a short-term basis.  No "in it for life" here. People are encouraged to try a ministry and - if it's not their cup of tea - to walk away, no questions asked. We're just grateful you tried!

  • To learn about other plays, click the link above to get Playbook updates.